Welcome to the website of Marc Partensky


Welcome to my website where I post all kinds of web projects, such as: maths and physics stuff, games and good looking visualizations. My name is Marc Partensky I am 19 years old, and i love programming. In a way, this place is a kind of repository for my projects, so if you're here I advise you to take a look on few of them. ;)



This is a chess game made in python using pygame. In this video two bots are programmed to play in a random way. However the clever bot version already exists and is able to think n moves in advance using brute force for creating and resolving minmax trees.


This is an visualization of the Fourier transform abilites. It uses some arbitrary coefficients for the Fourier transform and draw shape using the Fourier Transform formula to get x and y positions. In these videos randoms coefficients are used, giving different shapes.


These are few demos of the projects available on top.

Pyglet aka Illuminati

This one isn't a project but it's fun to see it though.


This is an Othello game made using python with pygame. In this video a bot is playing randomly like in the Chess game video against a human, even though, ai bots are already implemented, using minmax trees at multiples levels. I just showed this bot so we don't have to wait for the ai to think.


This is a little project that uses circles that move and collide according to physics. Though the collision algorithm is not efficient because it deals with the possibility of all circles colliding one another, the implementation of the behaviour of the balls after colliding respects the conservation of energy using defined mass and velocity for each circle.